Surgical implant coating

Biovac is a technologically advanced company in the treatment of surfaces for medical devices or other sectors, specialized in the coating for surgical implants.

Since 1991, we have carried out coating medical implants for manufacturers in more than 20 countries.

Find out more about our working method and our Quality Certificates in production processes. Biovac has conducted numerous scientific and technological trials to generate one of the best coatings for medical prosthesis on the market.

We have various types of coating for surgical implants, made under strict security measures and according to customer specifications. The entire process is carried out in our facilities so the traceability of the implant is ensured.

How we make our implant coating

Biovac company overview

We work every day with the client to obtain the best results. Experience, availability and dedication guarantee the efficiency and quality of your implants.

BIOVAC has ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certification. Our processes are in accordance with international regulations and validated following the procedures defined by the GHTF guide.
Certified qualityCertified quality

Porous coating


Porough coating

Irregular powder

Plasma spray


Plasma spray


Why you should entrust us with the coating of your implants

Discover BiovacDiscover Biovac


We work side by side with our clients to meet the requirements of their coatings.


More than 30 years in the surgical implant sector and prestigious clients around the world.


Cosmetic and mechanical inspection of each production and certification of all orders placed.


Our work system allows quality coatings at the best price and fast delivery times.

Biovac latest news


Porous coatings on implants

At Biovac we work with porous coatings on implants as a real possibility and with a 100% guarantee of improved osseointegration.
La trazabilidad en recubrimiento de protesis de mano de Biovac

Traceability in prosthetic coating: quality and safety

Traceability in prosthesis coating at Biovac guarantees the quality demanded by our customers throughout our production process.
Prótesis de titanio para osteointegración de rodilla

Osteintegration: overview in implants

Osseointegration in prosthetics is the process in which bone cells are able to adhere to the surface of a metal implant.