Porous coatings to improve the useful life of the implant

Why are porous coatings the best option when it comes to optimizing and guaranteeing bone growth? Does it really guarantee the highest level of resistance?

After 30 years developing and perfecting this process through specialists who work in our exclusive laboratories, at Biovac we can answer both questions in the affirmative, in addition to delving into its main be.

4 benefits of porous coatings

Porous coatings offer numerous benefits in the osseointegration of implants. Thanks to a much less invasive application, it also represents a cheaper method than others. In addition, this technique supposes a greater degree of effectiveness both in the stability and in the resistance of the implants themselves.

  • Porous coatings guarantee greater adhesion of the implant to the bone. This is because the bone cells are able to penetrate the porosities. And the result of this process is a denser and stronger cohesion.
  • Thanks to the porous coatings, a more fluid circulation of nutrients is achieved, as well as bone cells. Here there is a double benefit, since this process is synonymous with an acceleration of osseointegration.
  • As we mentioned above, porous coatings are much less invasive than other types of procedures. By not having to go through any type of extra surgery, its application is more basic and immediate.
  • On a purely commercial level, porous coatings are much cheaper treatments due to the type of material and technology required.

What are the advantages of porous coating for implanted people?

We must never forget what the real focus is: the quality of life of patients who have required an implant. And porous coatings represent an exponential leap to achieve that goal.

On the one hand, we are talking about a technique that improves the movement of the implanted joints, in addition to being able to resume certain activities such as the healthy habit of taking long walks.

Of course, porous coatings mean resistance and stability when carrying out the most recurring movements and the most daily activities. Finally, highlight one of the requirements that anyone with an implant will demand: the feeling of normality. Not wearing any prosthesis.


This is how we apply porous coatings at Biovac

Manual porous coating process.

Sterilisation and clean room preparation for shipment.

At Biovac we have been perfecting this technique for three decades. Offering solutions to osseointegration thanks to the best microespheres/irregular particles porous coating. How? Applying the coating on the implant manually. Only in this way can all types of geometry be covered, regardless of the type of implant.

We have turned porous coatings into a real possibility and with a 100% guarantee of improvement in osseointegration. Providing a long-term natural biological fixation between implant and bone.

With the endorsement of spending three decades supplying medical implants in more than 20 countries and being leaders in the sector in Europe. And with delivery times of less than three weeks.

Do you need more info?

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