We say goodbye to international medical Fairs for now

As we all know, we are living a historical milestone that will change many models that we had assimilated for a long time. The arrival of the first known pandemic in the modern world, Covid-19, will change the way we interact forever, affecting the way the world of work was developing.

We have discovered teleworking, which had a timid implementation in our country so far, and it seems that it has paid off.
We have discovered that we do not need to travel to have a meeting, we have started using the Zoom platform and thereby triggering its shares. And it has also paid off.

We have a challenge ahead with medical or business fairs, events that have a vital economic impact for many cities (the Mobile World Congress alone contributes 500 million euros to Barcelona each year). As many of you will know, they are meetings where business relationships are established, you learn about the sector and they are a meeting point for professionals. Whatever sector they are, there will surely be a fair for them.

Much has been said about the need for digitalizing fairs, but in practice it is not so easy. Steps have been taken in this sense, provisionally and urgently, with satisfactory results, even so, according to data published in the French newspaper Les Echos, setting up a small virtual fair can cost several thousand euros, a basic B2B fair can cost several tens of thousands of euros and the assembly of a large online event, several hundred thousand euros. It is not as economical as we might anticipate.


See you at the… online medical fair

At Biovac we have always opted for being up-to-date in knowledge and we like personal relationships. For this reason, visiting the international medical fair of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, which is held in the USA annually, or the Leading International Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, have been some of the key appointments in our work calendar. Even so, we are aware of the change and we want to be open to new trends.


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