One of the few positive things that we will learn from this Covid-19 period we are experiencing is precisely this: the relevance and direct impact that research, development and innovation (R&D+i) has on our lives to progress with procedures, technology, testing, therapies and a multitude of actions that will undoubtedly improve our lives.

This unpredictable Covid-19 pandemic has rocked the foundations of pharmaceutical structures around the world, which have got down to work in record time-sharing advances that, in other situations, would be unthinkable due to financial reasons and who, according to them, have been progressing in different specialized publications. It has been a fruitful collaboration in matters of R&D+i and has also taken place in a race against the clock. Laboratories, governments and other private companies have demonstrated that, when health is a priority, the entire scientific industry can be called up to achieve goals that, a priori, seemed impossible: achieving a reliable vaccine in less than one year.

BIOVAC: R&D+i in the health sector
Technology and research at Biovac Laboratory

The spirit of R&D+i is intrinsic in health procedures. Continuously progressing is part of our day to day, which implies knowing first-hand what happens in our sector, informing ourselves from reliable sources, trying new paths and solutions in our daily work, making mistakes and starting over.

It is a job that is often under recognized given that the journey is long and arduous, but the reward goes far beyond the money. In this sector, professionalism and perseverance in this work has a motivating factor that probably does not occur in any other sector: it has a direct impact on people’s well-being.

This direct reward on improving our quality of life achieved over the years due to a multitude of medical advances such as knowing the structure of DNA, the use of diethyl ether to anaesthetise, penicillin, insulin and many others has been the result of people who did not limit themselves to their basic functions. They had the determination, courage and perseverance to go further and provide us with some discoveries that have given so many of us life today, which is said soon. They also did it without R&D+i having been conceptualised and, with it, the assumed relevance and impact. Therefore, that success is twofold.

They are our reflection and our motivation; we want to resemble them and continue to be the company that provides the highest level of solutions to improve people’s well-being.


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