Biovac is a company specialized in surface treatment for devices for medical use and other sectors. His specialty focuses on the coating for surgical implants in orthopedic surgeries.

Today we want to tell you about the most personal part of Biovac, the reasons why this company was created, which already has a business history of more than 30 years, and what its future plans are.

We interviewed his manager Joaquín. He tells us in first person how the beginnings were and where they are heading with their project.

Joaquín Forriol, Manager of Biovac Spain

  • Since when is BIOVAC in operation? We would like you to tell us when your business career began and why you chose this sector and not another.

    Biovac began its business project in 1989 when we detected and analyzed the European need for porous coating of surgical implants. I seem to remember that, at that time, this technology was only applied in the US.

    During those years there was already a large multinational company in Valencia with whom we began negotiations to undertake together and also advance in the international arena.

    In 1990 we began to make this project a reality, expanding our business objective to include manufacturers in Europe, who soon began to form part of our customer network.

  • What is BIOVAC’s reach internationally and how has this journey been over the years?

    As we have mentioned before, there was a European need for porous coating on surgical implants, which is why we began to export in the early years. Obviously, it was not easy; we had to demonstrate and guarantee what we were capable of and also comply with all the ISO and ASTM standards that were required.

    Being certified by ISO9001, having a controlled process and a guaranteed coating, we expand our market to France, Switzerland, Italy, England, Germany, etc. In addition to the undoubted professionalism of our employees.

Currently at Biovac, we coat for manufacturers from four continents: Europe, America, Oceania and Asia
  • How do you think Biova is different from other service providers/competitors?

    From the beginning Biovac has been a company that has worked together and for the client, side by side, with fluid, agile communication and with the aim of achieving the most effective prosthesis finish possible from the point of view of the health of people.

    From the first moment we have opted for a highly porous coating with the necessary resistance so that the osseointegration of the implant is fast, easy and durable over time.

  • What objectives do you have in BIOVAC as a company in the medium and long term?

    Continue to grow in a highly technical and competitive market, but which, thanks to our experience and commitment, we dominate perfectly.

    Globalization has been with us for years and at BIOVAC we have the necessary permits to continue developing and working all over the world.

  • What do you think or how do you envision the future of surgical implant coating?

    In our sector, new products or technologies also arise that, a priori, can stand out in the market and/or seem sufficient. However, we can demonstrate that our methodology follows the highest quality standards and is highly effective.

    At Biovac we firmly believe that quality is the best investment and even more so when dealing with issues directly related to people’s health.


Quality is the best investment and at Biovac we continue to bet on it.

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